Mapping With Sf Part 3

Code Show All Code Hide All Code Part III: Snapping Points to NHD Flowline Data and Calculating River Distance with riverdist Though it’s a bit late in getting posted, this is part III in a spatial series that is becoming a quasi-workshop in the variety of ways we can work... [Read More]

Mapping With Sf Part 2

Part II: Download NHD Flowline Data and Use sf Functions So last post (Part I), I showed how to calculate distance matrices and find out the nearest points between two sets of point data. Now that we know how to identify the nearest neighbor for one set of points to... [Read More]

Mapping With Sf Part 1

Part I: Calculating Distance Matrices for Nearest Points with sf, SearchTrees, & Imap As usual I wanted to post more regularly and it hasn’t happened. However, I’ve been using the sf package a bunch lately, and I wanted to provide a series of posts that highlight some of the ways... [Read More]

Converting Xy Data With Sf Package

Converting/Adding Spatial Coordinates It’s been awhile since I posted. Turns out grad school and two small children require some attention. However, I’ve been just awful about posting things, and it really is a pretty painless and quick process, so I’m going to try and post something more regularly even if... [Read More]

Teaching R to Ecologists

Teaching R I’ve been meaning to write a few notes from my experience teaching a grad level R course this past winter. It was a lot of work, a lot of fun, and I thought it might be useful to reflect a bit about the experience, in the hope that... [Read More]